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"The Best Gua Sha Tools"- Made By “Pure Titanium” Which will Last You a Lifetime ! - Manufactured by GuaShaSpace: A Professional Manufacturer of Gua Sha Tools and Graston Tools with Pure Titanium.
Gua sha, often referred to as scraping therapy, is a bright pearl in the treasure trove that is Chinese medicine. It has survived for thousands of years because of it's valuable ability to treat internal diseases with external methods, its easy-to-learn manipulations and its remarkable effects. Throughout the centuries, gua sha therapy has placed an important role in the prevention and treatment of disease. The development of modern technology, science and medicine have brought convenience and increased efficacy, but also more harmful side effects. Now that modern medical therapies are receiving more scrutiny, people have again welcomed gua sha therapy. One should not be fooled by the simple manipulations of gua sha, as its theoretical foundation is actually quite profound. In terms of direct contact, gua sha is limited to the superficial skin, which is the body largest organ. The functions of the skin are not limited to being the body's defensive barrier, It is involved in excretion, respiration, secretion and purification. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the meridians and acupuncture points in the skin and superficial layers are directly connected with the internal zang-fu organs. The scraping of the skin performed in gua sha reveals diseased areas, while also unblocking the meridians and collaterals, and promoting nerve conduction and blood circulation to improve the body's defense mechanisms. However, gua sha therapy does not act on local diseases directly. Instead, it works by macro-regulation of the skin through the defense system to ensure the body's ability to self-regulate is sound. For more informations about gua sha, please refer to gua sha wikipedia.

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