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A Chinese Medical Understanding of Gua sha

1, Unblocking the Meridians and Collaterals; Promoting the Circulation of qi and Blood

Gua sha therapy stimulates the surface of the body to open and activate the meridians, collaterals and acupoints, which in turn stimulates their holistic and bidirectional faculties. According to Chinese medicine, the two primary disease states are excess and deficiency. Excess states are hyper-functioning states where there is too much of a certain substance, or when external pathogens such as bacteria attack; deficiency states are when bodily functions or substances are weak or insufficient. Gua sha is able to treat both excess and deficiency syndromes by anblocking the meridians and collaterals, supplementing qi and blood, and strengthening qi of the zang-fu organs. It does this by tapping into the body’s ability to self-regulate, fight disease and self-heal. Therefore, gua sha therapy can be used to treat local diseases as well as to strengthen the body’s resistance against external pathogens.

2, Clearing Heat and Resolving Blood Stasis; Regulating Yin and Yang

Many diseases are caused by yin-yang disharmonies, which often originate from disorders of qi movement, the accumulation of heat and toxins, or blood stasis. Gua sha therapy ;| promotes qi movement by opening I the sweat pores and expressing sha. Better qi flow harmonizes yin and yang, strengthens the body, and helps cure diseases by clearing heat, eliminating toxins and promoting blood circulation.