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A Modem Medical Understanding of Gua sha

1, Relieving Pain; Releasing Adhesions

The stimulation from gua sha scraping increases the pain threshold of local tissue, which loosens tight or spasmed muscles. Therefore, gua sha acts to relieve pain and muscle tightness by preventing fibrosis in injured muscles.

2, Improving Microcirculation; Boosting Immunity

Gua sha therapy dilates blood vessels and improves the permeability of mucous membranes in the tissue to accelerate the circulation of lymph and activate phagocytosis. The expression of sha through scraping can improve microcirculation, eliminate metabolites and stimulate the metabolism. Gradual resolution of the sha, which occurs through the breakdown of red blood cells, activates immunocytes to enhance the body’s defense system.

3, Regulating Bio-information

The stimulation from gua sha on the body surface produces specific biological messages that are transmitted to the relevant organs via the neural-humoral system.

This improves the health of the internal organs and helps rectify any existing organ disorders by regulating bodily functions and sending warning signals to the various bodily systems.