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Applications of Gua sha Therapy

Why has gua sha been so popular for so long? Besides the benefits described above, gua sha can be used for self- diagnosis, disease prevention and treatment, and cosmetic purposes.


During gua sha, one can determine the condition of the internal zang- fu organs by the appearance of sha (its quantity, location and color) and the reaction elicited by scraping (the presence, severity and nature of pain, and any resistance during scraping). Thus gua sha has the following characteristics: easy to perform, early diagnosis, simultaneous diagnosis and treatment, and no side effects.

A more detailed explanation of Gua sha diagnosis in Chapter III. (Zang-fu is the Chinese medical term for the internal organs. In this system of medicine, the organs are divided broadly into organs that store nutrients, the zang, and those that excrete waste,the fu.)

Disease Prevention and Treatment

According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi and blood are the fundamental substances that make up the body and support its functional activities. Qi, pronounced chee and literally meaning "air", is an ancient Chinese concept that refers to the energetic force inherent in all things. When qi and blood circulate smoothly, the body will be in a state of health. If the circulation of qi and blood is disrupted, the tissues and organs will be deprived of oxygen and cells will not develop properly, which will lead to sub-health states and even disease. Gua sha affects the body by unblocking the meridians and collaterals, activating the circulation of qi and blood, and promoting the metabolism to prevent disease and delay aging.

Staying Young and Beautiful

Gua sha activates blood circulation to remove static blood, eliminate toxins, and purify the blood and skin by dilating the capillaries, increasing blood flow to local tissue and warming the body.

The generation of heat activate the skin’s ability to repair and regenerate. The result is a younger and fresher look brought about by delaying the aging process.