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Checking the Brain

Brain Method: Scraping the Back of the Middle Finger and Head

Apply gna sha oil, then scrape the back of the first and second sections of the middle finger. The surface scraping method should be used slowly and carefully. Smooth and even sensations under the gua sha tool suggest a normal condition, while pain, roughness, sand-sized masses, nodules, or purple sha suggest fatigue or lack of oxygen to the brain.


Check for pain or positive reactions by scraping the entire head carefully from the sides to the vertex and finishing at the occiput The areas with positive reactions are where qi and blood have stagnated, which can cause of fatigue and prevent oxygen from reaching the brain.





Gua sha Basics

How can one check the brain by scraping the fingers?

The hand is a microcosm of the whole body. The back of first and second sections of the middle finger correspond to the head and brain. When the brain is fatigued, lacks oxygen, or if afflicted by blood or nerve disorders, its corresponding holographic zones will exhibit some kind of positive reaction*