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Cleaning the Zang-Fu Organs

Method: Regular Scraping of the Bladder Meridian

1, After coating both sides of the spinal column with gua sha oil, use the surface scraping method from the first thoracic to second sacral vertebra, 1.5 cun lateral to the midline in sections 4〜5 cun long. For patients with weak constitutions, extend one gua sha treatment of the back and waist over 2 〜3 days.

2, Pay special attention to areas where pain is felt during gua sha, or where rough sensations or nodules are felt under the gua sha tool.

3, After the treatment, clean any remaining oil from the body and instruct the patient to keep warm. Guasha can be performed on the bladder meridian once every 1 〜2 months.

clip_image004   Scraping downward, use the surface scraping method on both sides of the spine from the first to the sixth thoracic vertebra









clip_image002On the second section, use the surface scraping method on both sides of the spine from the seventh to the twelfth thoracic vertebra








If the internal environment is unclean, sha will appear on the bladder meridian points corresponding to the zang-fu organs that are affected by qi and blood stagnation. Therefore, regular guasha on the bladder meridian can clean the internal environment It can also strengthen the tendons and ligaments of the back and waist in men

clip_image008     clip_image006