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Self-Treatment 1: Pressing and Kneading Yingxiang (LI 20)

Use horizontal pressing-kneading on Yingxiang (LI 20).



Self-Treatment 2: Scraping the Index and Little Fingers

Use the groove of the gua sha tool to scrape the index and little fingers from the root to the fingertips, focusing on the sides of the roots of the fingers.



Self-Treatment 3: Scraping the Large Intestine Meridian

1, Use the surface scraping method on the large intestine meridian from the shoulder to Shangyang (LI 1), dividing the meridian into several smaller sections. This method can be applied with the clothes on or directly on the skin without guasha oil if administered for a short time.

2, Search for tender spots and nodules, and focus on them after applying guasha oil.



Self-Treatment 4: Daily Scraping of the Area Over the Small and Large Intestines

Use the surface scraping method daily on the area over the small and large intestines, starting around the navel and working from right to left or from left to right. Apply strong pressing and scrape slowly until the abdomen feels hot.



Self-Treatment 5: Scraping from Zusanli (ST 36) to Shangjuxu (ST 37)

1, Use the surface scraping method from Zusanli (ST 36) to Shangjuxu (ST 37) after applying gua sha oil.

2 Use horizontal pressing-kneading on Zusanli (ST 36).

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Gua sha Basics

Zusanli (ST 36) and Shangjuxu (ST 37) are points on the stomach meridian. Yingxiang (LI 20) are the first and last points on the large intestine meridian, and the little finger has a connection with the small intestine. Scraping acupoints on the stomach and large intestine meridians, and points related to the large and small intestines can activate the flow of qi and blood in the meridians, which indirectly improves intestinal peristalsis to treat constipation. Scraping the area over the small and large intestines can directly improve intestinal peristalsis.

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