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Detecting the Severity of Sub-Health States

Diagnostic methods Mild sub-health Severe sub-health
The diagnosis of Sha (color, amount) To mild sub-health person, Sha scatters shallow in depth and bright red in color To severe sub-health person, Sha appears densely purple red or cyanoze in color, deeper in depth with masses or blue veins
Positive reactions (size, hardness) Rough skin with positive reactions such as superficial, small and soft sand-like masses or nodules. Mild local pain indicates slight lack of oxygen in the meridians or organs without severe symptoms Positive reactions such as nodules are deep, hard and sensitive, and indicate a more severe sub-health state or disease




Gua sha Basics

The diagnosis of the sha expressed in the first gua sha session is an accurate reflection of the patient’s condition. Comparing the sha clip_image002produced in subsequent sessions shows the progress or retreat of the patient’s condition. Little or no sha appears in syndromes of deficient qi and blood The final judgment should be made through a comprehensive diagnosis of all positive reactions. For example, even if scraping Xinshu (BL 15),a point related to the heart on the back, expresses little sha, the appearance of nodules or pain indicates the presence of a disorder of qi and blood, and a chronic lack of oxygen in the heart