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Dizziness and Headache

 Dizziness Method: Scraping the Lower Third of the Anterior and Posterior Oblique Vertex-Temple Bands.

This method does not require gua sha oil. Vigorously scrape the lower third of the anterior and posterior Oblique Vertex-Temple Bands while searching for tender spots. These areas should be focused on until a slight heat sensation is felt on the scalp.




Headache Method 1: Scraping the Head, Focusing on Tender Spots

1, Use the surface scraping method on the entire head from the sides, to the vertex and finishing at the occiput with a gua sha tool made of buffalo horn.

2, Search for positive reactions and focus on these areas until the pain disappears.



Headache Method 2: Scraping Relevant Areas on the Head and Cervical Vertebrae

1, Scrape from the second to sixth cervical vertebrae.

2, Vigorously scrape the bladder meridian on both sides of the spine with the two-corner scraping method.

3, Scrape Fengchi (GB 20) on both sides of the neck. Focus on areas that show positive reactions such as pain and nodules.

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Gua sha Basics

Positive reactions on the anterior and posterior Oblique Vertex-Temple Bands indicate sensory and motor disturbances. The lower third of these bands corresponds to the head, with reactions indicating problems on the opposite side. Scraping these areas can relieve dizziness and vertigo. Since headache is often caused by qi and blood stagnation in the head, focusing on areas of pain in the head and cervical vertebra can unblock the meridians to relieve head pain.