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 Method 1: Scraping the Eye Area on the Cervical Vertebrae

1, Have the person straddle a chair and rest the arms on its back.

2, Rub guasha oil on the third cervical vertebra.

3, Scrape the area around the third cervical vertebra, then use the two-comer method to scrape the bladder meridian on both sides of the neck at the same level, and finally scrape the gallbladder meridian on both sides of the neck at the same level.

4, Pay attention to positive reactions with tender spots or nodules, and focus on these areas.


The eye area on the cervical vertebra: around the third cervical vertebra in the neck muscles, an area that includes the Governing Vessel, bladder meridian and gallbladder meridian

Method 2: Scraping Jingming (BL1), Tongziliao (GB 1), Chengqi (ST 1) andYuyao (EX-HN4)

1, Rub cosmetic lotion on these four acupoints around the eyes, focusing on Yuyao and Chengqi (ST 1) above and below the eyes, respectively. Scrape slowly 5 〜10 dmes with the edge of the guasha tool at an angle less than 15 degrees.

2, Apply horizontal pressing-kneading slowly 5〜10 times on Tongziliao (GB 1), and vertically press and knead Jingming (BL 1) slowly 5〜10 times.


Gua sha Basics

Among the vertebrae of the spine, the neck corresponds to the head and face, and is transversed by nerves related to the eyes. Scraping this area can regulate the optic nerve to relieve eyestrain. Scraping Jingming (BL 1),Tongziliao (GB 1),Chengqi (ST 1) and Yuyao (EX- HN4) can improve blood circulation in the eyes and unblock the meridians around the eyes to prevent and treat eye diseases and relieve eyestrain.