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Features of Gua sha Therapy

clip_image002Since ancient times, gua sha has helped people live in harmony with nature, stay in good health, reduce medical expenses and reduce harmful side effects from drugs through methods that are easy to learn and perform, even at home.

Safe and Effective

There is a saying in China that, “All drugs have at least some toxicity, Gua sha therapy, which uses no injections or medication, can achieve a therapeutic effect just by scraping the surface of the skin. Because it does not penetrate the skin, it is completely safe and carries no risk of infection.

Easy to Learn and Easy to Use

Gua sha therapy can be performed by anyone in the comfort of their home. It does not require a medical background, and can be learned by following the instructions in this book on evaluating health, preventing disease, treating ailments and cosmetic care.

Easy to Do

Gua sha does not require elaborate equipment or professional skills such those used by doctors in hospitals. If you practice the basic techniques of gua sha therapy, have a guasha tool,and gua sha oil or cosmetic lotion, you can use this valuable method in the comfort of your home with this book as a reference.

Gua sha Basics

Does gua sha damage blood vessels?

The red marks (sha) elicited by gua sha are the result of subcutaneous bleeding. Is gua sha harming the blood vessels? No! When areas of the body surface with microcirculation problems are scraped in gua sha therapy, the force of the scraping causes blood to leak from the capillaries into the subcutaneous tissue. This is how sha appears. When the scraping stops and all pressure is removed, no new sha will appear. If gua sha had damaged any blood vessels, the bleeding would continue even after the scraping stopped. Let me be clear: Gua sha will not injure any major blood vessels.