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Holographic Meridian Gua sha Therapy

The modern from of gua sha therapy described in this book has its roots in ancient folk gua sha techniques. We have named it “holographic meridian gua sha therapy.” This method has the advantages of traditional gua sha techniques, but also makes use of three important developments:

1, Theoretical advancements. The areas to be scraped in gua sha are determined in this technique by the Chinese medical theory of the meridians and collaterals, as well as modem biological holographic theory. This theoretical development not only increased the range of physical areas clip_image002.jpgavailable for administering gua sha, but has enlarged its scope and improved the therapeutic effect.

2, Improved guasha tools. Modem guasha therapy makes use of a fully developed toolkit, including specific oils and creams, and guasha tools designed for different areas of the body.

3, Enlarged scope. The clinical applications of gua sha therapy have been expanded to include treating disease, diagnostics, disease prevention and anti-aging.