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How long should a gua sha session be?

1, What is a good interval between two gua sha treatments?

Session Length

Gua sha for health maintenance: Gua sha for general health is usually performed on the skin or over the clothes without gua sha oil. This type of gua sha is gentle and should be given in short sessions until the skin becomes slightly hot or pink. There is no need to produce sha, and therapy can be administered every day.

Gau sha for disease treatment: Sha is occurrs easily in weak patients. When sha appears and the pain is relieved, stop scraping. For patients with strong constitutions, scrape until no new sha appears. On parts of the body where sha does not easily occur, scrape until the sweat pores open slightly. On areas with hard nodules, tightness or spasmed muscles, scrape until the sweat pores open, the nodules become soft, or the tightness relaxes. On the head, scrape only until a local sensation of heat appears. To rejuvenate the face, scrape each part of the face 5 〜15 times, depending on the condition of the skin or until a local sensation of heat appears.

2, Interval Between Sessions

Gua sha sessions last 30〜40 minutes using slow scraping and even methods.

The first treatment should be shorter. Less than 20 minutes is best for weak or thin patients. After scraping, the same part of the body should not be treated for 5〜7 days. The second and later guasha sessions should be on areas that have not yet been scraped and are clear of sha or tenderness.

The time it takes for sha to disappear depends on the constitution, disease, body part, darkness of the sha and scraping duration.