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Invigorating the Brain to Benefit the Intelligence

Method: Daily Scraping of the Head

1, Use the surface scraping method with a gua sha tool made of buffalo horn in the following order: side of the head, vertex, occiput.

2, Carefully search for positive reactions such as tenderness and nodules during scraping, and focus on areas with positive reactions.


Scraping the side of the head, vertex and occiput in order every morning will clear the spirit and energize the body



Gua sha Skills

In the order described above, scrape the whole head with deep pressure using a gua sha tool made of buffalo horn until the scalp becomes hot This unblocks the meridians of the head and brings fresh oxygen to the area. It can improve disorders of the blood vessels and nerves of the brain to strengthen the intelligence. Do not neglect any part of the head when scraping. The best time for gua sha is in the morning or when the brain is cloudy. Patients with neuroses or insomnia should not scrape the head before sleep.