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Keeping the Heart Healthy

 Method 1: Scraping or Patting the Elbow Fossa

1, Apply guasha oil on the elbow fossa.

2, Use surface scraping or patting on the elbow fossa. Patting should cover the area from Shaohai (HT 3) to Chize (LU 5). Use the surface scraping method for people who are sensitive to pain.

3, Scrape or pat the elbow fossa once every 1 〜2 months.



Method 2: Scraping Taiyuan (LU 9)

Frequently use the surface scraping method on Taiyuan (LU 9).



Method 3: Scraping Neiguan (PC 6)

Frequently use surface scraping or horizontal pressing-kneading on Neiguan (PC 6).



Method 4: Scraping Danzhong (CV 17)


Gua sha Skills

Frequent gua sha on the areas described above can effectively enhance the self-regulatory functions of the heart to prevent and treat heart diseases. Short scraping sessions on Neiguan (PC 6),Taiyuan (LU 9) and Shanzhong (CV 17) does not require gua sha oil, but oil should be used in longer sessions.