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Maintaining Ovarian Health

1, Facial Guasha Method: Pressing and Kneading Renzhong (GV 26) and Chengjiang (CV 24)

1, Clean the face, then apply cosmetic lotion on the acupoints to be pressed and kneaded.

2, Use the horizontal pressing-kneading method on Renzhong (GY 26) slowly for 2〜3 minutes.

3, Use the horizontal pressing-kneading method on Chengjiang (CV 24) slowly for 2〜3 minutes.

4, Clean the face with water.


2, Foot Guasha Method: Pressing and Kneading the Sides of the Feet

Scrape or press-knead the uterus zone at the lower-medial heel and the testes/ovaries zone at the lower-lateral heel.





Gua sha Skills

For the best effect, press and knead these points 1 〜2 times a day between 3〜7 p.m. Pressing-kneading is forbidden during menstruation and during pregnancy. Make sure the hands and gua sha tool are clean to prevent skin infections. Treating these points frequently will affect the areas related to these holographic zones through the Conception and Governing vessels, thus indirectly regulating the endocrine system to maintain ovarian health.