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Menopausal Syndrome


Method 1: Scraping Lateral Band 3 of the Forehead and the Posterior Third of the Forehead-Vertex Band

Vigorously scrape the Lateral Band 3 of the Forehead and the posterior third of the Forehead-Vertex Band, and focus on any tender spots found.




Method 2: Scraping the Reproductive Organ Zones on the Feet

Use the surface scraping method on the reproductive zones on both sides of the foot and sole until the area becomes slightly hot. Focus on any sensitive points found by pressing and kneading them.




Method 3: Scraping Acupoints on the Head, Back and Limbs

1, Use one-corner scraping on Baihui (GY 20) and surface scraping on the bladder meridian from Ganshu (BL 18) to Shenshu (BL 23) and Mingmen (GV 4).

2, Use the surface scraping method on the Conception Vessel from Qihai (CV 6) to Guanyuan (CY 4), on the kidney meridian from Zhongzhu (KI15) to Dahe (KI12), on Shenmen (HT 7) and Neiguan (PC 6) on the arms, on Zusanli (ST 36) and Sanyinjiao (SP 6) on the legs, and on Gongsun (SP 4) on the feet.

3, Use vertical pressing-kneading on Taichong (LR3) and horizontal pressing-kneading on Taixi (KI 3).



Gua sha Skills

The areas used in method 1 and 2 correspond to the uterus and ovaries. Scraping these areas can regulate the endocrine system to improve symptoms of menopausal syndrome. The points Mingmen (GV 4), Shenshu (BL 23) and Taixi (KI3) supplement kidney qi. Acupoints of the Conception Vessel and on the kidney meridian from Zhongzhu (KI 15) to Dahe (KI 12) can nourish the kidney and liver, and regulate menstruation, Shenmen (HT 7) and Neiguan (PC 6) can promote blood circulation to remove stasis and calm the mind. Baihui (GV 20) combined with Zusanli (ST 36), Sanyinjiao (SP 6),Gongsun (SP 4),Taichong (LR 3) and Ganshu (BL 18) can regulate the liver and spleen to promote the generation and circulation of qi and blood.

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