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Meridians and Collaterals

clip_image002.jpgAccording to traditional Chinese medicine, the body contains a network of meridians and collaterals that regulates, controls and coordinates bodily functions. This comprehensive system is akin to a huge net that encompasses the zang-fu organs internally, and connects to the limbs, joints, sense organs and skin externally. In other words, there is no part of the body it does not reach. This system transmits nutrients such as qi and blood, and eliminates metabolites and other waste. It is responsible for nourishing the organs and tissues, transmitting information and reactions, protecting the body against external pathogens, and regulating the zang-fu organs, qi, blood and yin-yang. (Yin and yang are Chinese philosophical concepts that refer to the contrasting and counterbalancing aspects of nature. Phenomena that are active and warm belong to yang, while stable or cool conditions belong to yang.)

Gua sha Basics

Why can just scraping the skin have so many effects?

The human body can be compared to a medicine factory, capable of manufacturing substances to treat various diseases. The meridians and collaterals distribute this to the parts of the

body that need it If the system of meridians and collaterals is functioning well, the body will alsoï¼› if its function is impaired, sub-health states or even illnesses can occur. Therefore, when a person gets sick, it is not absolutely necessary to administer medication immediately. Scraping the skin through gua sha can improve the ability of the meridians and collaterals to regulate the body by stimulating its innate healing power.