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Sha and Microcirculation

The capillaries are the vessels that conduct microcirculation, and are formed by a layer of endothelial cells less than 1% of the thickness of apiece of paper.

The walls of the capillaries are the thinnest of all types of blood vessels and are highly permeable. They allow tiny molecules in the blood to pass through to deliver oxygen and nutrients, and remove metabolites and other waste products.


The web of capillaries forms the microcirculatory system of the human body. When the nutrient-metabolite exchange does not occur properly, the cells will lack oxygen, and metabolites will accumulate in the tissues and organs. These waste substances are internally toxic, and are harmful to health in general and microcirculation in particular. They are the underlying cause of sub-health states and many diseases.

During the application of gua sha, blood containing these toxins will be pressed out of capillaries with permeability disorders to accumulate between the skin and muscles. This blood leakage is the sha that is visible on the skin. Expression of sha rapidly improves microcirculation disorders.