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Supplementing the Kidney

Method 1: Scraping Mingmen (GV 4), Shenshu (BL 23) and Zhishi (BL 52)

Centered around these three acupoints, use the surface scraping method on the skin directly or through the clothes from top to bottom until the skin becomes hot. The best effect is achieved when the scraping causes a heat sensation deep in the muscles.





Method 2: Scraping Yongquan (K31)

Scraping Yongquan (K11) 50-100 times every night before sleep can strengthen the body, increase essence, replenish marrow, supplement the kidney, reinforce yang, and strengthen the tendons and bones.




Method 3: Scraping Lateral Band 3 of the Forehead

Vigorously scrape Lateral Band 3 of the Forehead on both sides without gua sha oil until the area becomes hot or pink. For people with scanty hair in the area, oil or lotion can be used.

Gua sha Skills

Scraping these three areas supplements the kidney in different ways. Do not forget to use gua sha oil during long scraping sessions on the lower back and Yongquan(KI1)