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What to do in case of adverse reactions during gua sha?

symptoms measures
fatigue If applied gua sha too long time, a few of weak patients feel lassitude after Gua sha in 24 hours. Some weakest patients even catch common cold occasionally because of too long time Gau sha plus with paying no attention to avoiding to wind and keeping warm after Gua sha Usually it needn’t any treatments, we only suggest patients to have a rest. They will recover in short time. Pay attention to avoiding wind and keeping warm after Gua sha. It will not appear fatigue, common cold as we handle with proper time for Gua sha
faint Fainting patients rarely faint during gua sha. Reasons for fainting include not getting enough food or sleep before treatment, scraping too long, improper gua sha manipulations, and weak or sensitive constitutions. Mild cases of fainting often are accompanied by lassitude, dizziness, a pale complexion, cold sweat, heart palpitations and cold limbs. Severe cases may see rapid drops in blood pressure or temporary loss of consciousness If fainting occurs, stop gua sha immediately. Calm the patient, help him/her to lie down, make sure he/ she is sufficiently warm and has some warm or sugar water to drink. Pressing Renzhong (GV 26),and scraping Baihui (GV 20) and Yongquan (Kl 1) with the corner of the gua sha tool can help speed recovery. Neiguan (PC 6) and Zusanli (ST 36) should be scraped after the patient recovers